I am so very excited about the New Year coming. I know everyone always talks about New Year's Resolutions and how people are always so amped at the end of the year for all the NEW and WONDERFUL things they are going to do and then by month 2 the energy, excitement, and commitment to their causes begin to slowly dwindle.

Well for me, I have never been that type of person. I actually make each and every month a NEW YEAR for myself and my endeavors whenever I am interested in doing something new. The funny thing is by the time the real calendar New Year rolls in, I've already either gotten a head start on goals and initiatives, or I completed them already and have to come up with a whole new list.

But getting back to WHY I am excited for 2016. I am overwhelmed with JOY and GLEE like a kid on Christmas because I am launching my new signature product into the market and I have spent the past 4 or 5 months preparing for it to hit! It's like wrapping a whole bunch of gifts, watching them under the tree and waiting with anticipation for the people the gifts are for to come and unwrap and see what I've prepared for them.

That is what this MOGULPRENEUR venture is all about. I get to not only create the wealth strategies for companies, and people that I hook up here and there; but I get to share with the ENTIRE WORLD of women and other Hustle MAMAs, my ideas, strategies, gifts, platforms, best practices, and lessons learned the hard way. Talk about a MEGA GIFT.!!! What other way is there to beautifully make other women happy in this world than by sharing with them the means to having all of the personal happiness possible?

I have done all the work, all you need to do is understand the road map and then RUN the RACE to the FINISH LINE!

So now since I'm always in a GIVING MOOD, please check out my FREE GIFT to you just for reading this blog post. Consider it a MERRY CHRISTMAS | HAPPY NEW YEAR GIFT. It is my personal GOAL SETTING and PLANNING CALENDAR as a companion to the book form called The Mogul Thought Mode (that you also get here for free in exchange for signing up) that I use during the entire year with inspirational quotes to motivate that I made up just in case you need a turbo boost in the middle of your HUSTLE.


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